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Tracksuits Featured In Dunkin’ Super Bowl Commercial Sell Out In Minutes

Ben Affleck in Dunkin Super Bowl commercial
Ben Affleck in Dunkin Super Bowl commercial

Dunkin’ dropped millions of dollars on the star-studded commercial that aired during the Super Bowl, but it made some of that money back thanks to the colorful jumpsuits that quickly sold out after going on sale.

CBS reportedly was able to get brands to shell out $7 million just to secure 30 seconds of air time during Super Bowl LVIII, which meant the folks at Dunkin’ forked over $14 million in order to run the minute-long ad they whipped up ahead of The Big Game.

However, that number doesn’t account for the checks they needed to cut to secure the many notable names who appeared in the ad, which featured Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Tom Brady at the core of a musical group dubbed “The Dunkings” crashing a studio session in the Bronx home to Jennifer Lopez and Fat Joe (Jack Harlow also made an appearance).

The members of The Dunkings were all sporting bright orange tracksuits emblazoned with that particular moniker along with plenty of gaudy pieces of flair, and if you watch the commercial and thought to yourself, “I need to add those to my closet,” Dunkin’ announced it was giving interested buyers that opportunity by teasing some good, old-fashioned corporate synergy slated for noon on Monday.

The jacket and pants retailed separately for $60 a pop, and while it’s hard to know if Dunkin’ actually thought there would be a huge market for that $120 ensemble, the listings vanished from the brand’s website just minutes after the sale went live after selling out due to the seemingly unanticipated demand.

Some people who managed to secure what are slated to be some of the hottest grails to come out of 2024

after checking out. Dunkin’ hasn’t said anything about a potential restock as of this writing, but you have to wonder if it will attempt to take advantage of the hype.

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