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Matt Barnes Loses Broadcast Job After Incident With High School Student

Matt Barnes wasn’t exactly known for being a calm, cool, and collected individual during his time in the NBA, and he’s now found himself out of a job after being accused of losing his cool while attending a high school basketball game. While it’s somewhat easy to understand why Matt Barnes felt the

College Baseball Player Declares Himself Shohei Ohtani After Mashing Huge Dinger, Recording Save

Campbell Camels two-way player Grant Knipp declared himself as the Shohei Ohtani of college baseball after a phenomenal outing on Tuesday night. He was a crucial piece to the 7-6 victory over East Carolina at the plate and on the mound. Knipp, a redshirt junior, was one of the best players in the

Rick Pitino’s Former Player Reveals Violent Threat Made By Legendary Basketball Coach Out Of Love

If you choose to play college basketball for Rick Pitino, you know exactly what you are going to get. It should not come as a surprise when the two-time* national champion lets out his frustrations. Donovan Mitchell said that playing for Pitino is “another level” of crazy while describing some of

Watch This Surfer Land The First-Ever Backside 540 Rodeo Flip On A Hydrofoil

Nikolas Plytas is one of the best hydrofoil surfers on the scene and he just pushed the bar even further after becoming the first surfer to ever land a Backside 540 Rodeo Flip on a hydrofoil. Hydrofoiling has been an emerging sport for years. This tends to happen with all things related to to the

Dan Le Batard Agrees That NBA Players Shouldn’t Care About The All-Star Game

NBA commissioner Adam Silver may not have liked it. Anthony Edwards might think the NBA All-Star Game is broken beyond repair. Stephen A. Smith thinks the league should just do away with the game. “I’m of this mindset right now. They need to do away with All-Star Weekend. Just get rid of it,”

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