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Colorado Football Gets 6AM Wake Up Call To Train With Marines

Deion Sanders on the field before a game between Utah and Colorado.
Deion Sanders on the field before a game between Utah and Colorado.

The Colorado football team was visited by a group of Marines this week where it took part in some offseason training. That workout session came alongside a 6 am wake-up call as players got up bright and early to better themselves both on and off the field.

While some were sleepy, there seemed to be a sense of excitement surrounding the visit.

The morning started with a pep talk where a member of the group cautioned players that they’d soon get a “taste of the Marine Corps.” After that, it was all work.

The day’s message was one largely focused on trust and accountability, program traits preached by Deion Sanders throughout his first year in Boulder.

Over the course of the 45-minute-long training video, you see the Buffs participating in a combat fitness test that includes activities like maneuver under fire, ammo can presses, air squats, and wind sprints.

The training session ends with what’s called the “buddy” where players carry teammates over a specified distance.

Now, Coach Prime has been known to run a tight ship when it comes to weight room and practice intensity, but this was on a whole new level!

And those Colorado football players were GASSED by the end of the day. Still, they seemed appreciative of the visit and the opportunity to come closer as a team.

Colorado’s not the only football team visited by Armed Forces

Mike Norvell had SEAL Team 6 member DJ Shipley stop in earlier this week to talk to his Florida State team. Shipley spoke about legacy, history, and leaving your mark on a program and in life.

He also preached of overcoming obstacles, something the FSU squad was all-too-familiar with this past season.

After losing starting QB Jordan Travis to a season-ending injury, the Seminoles were forced to play their last two games with reserves.

Despite winning each of those contests to cap a perfect 13-0 season, they were left out of the College Football Playoff.

What better speaker to have talk to the group than a Navy SEAL?

These types of visits not only show appreciation for those that protect and serve, but they allow players to better understand the sacrifice given.

Both Colorado and Florida State will look to turn this motivation and training into success on the football field in 2024.

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