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The Gift Registry For Rudy Giuliani’s 80th Birthday Has Some Odd Items On It

Rudy Giuliani arrive at the funeral of NYPD officer
Rudy Giuliani arrive at the funeral of NYPD officer

Former mayor of New York City Rudy Giuliani will be celebrating his 80th birthday this month with two big parties and a Amazon gift registry that has some rather unusual items on it.

Page Six reports Giuliani will be holding parties, his birthday is May 28, in both Manhattan as well as Palm Beach.

The party in Manhattan will be at Amata. It was originally scheduled to be held at Empire Steakhouse, but was moved “either to accommodate more guests or for financial reasons, depending on who you ask.”

The Palm Beach birthday party will be hosted by Giuliani’s political advisor Ted Goodman and political consultant Caroline Wren.

Guests attending either of Rudy Giuliani’s birthday parties will have an eclectic collection of items to choose from on the former U.S. Attorney’s Amazon gift registry, Page Six reports.

Among the items Rudy is looking to acquire for his 80th birthday are an electric razor, a 55-inch TV, a document scanner, a podcasting mic boom, Armani Acqua Di Giò spritz, and several rugs priced from $229.90 to $516.21.

Items which have already been purchased off the Amazon registry include a home sleeper chair convertible bed, a Braun electric razor, LED chandeliers, a Shure microphone, a “cooling” comforter, an iPad, and some “stain-blocking ceiling paint.”

The gift registry even specifies which presents should be sent to New York and which should be sent to Florida.

Giuliani filed for bankruptcy last year after a judge ordered him to pay $148 million to two former Georgia election workers for defaming following the 2020 election.

The Palm Beach email party invitations were gold and black with one photo of Giuliani in a tux and another photo of him wearing aviator sunglasses and a USA hat.

According to one person on the Palm Beach party guest list, “Everyone in Palm Beach wants to attend. It’s like the Hunger Games to try and get in!”

Someone that is certainly clamoring to get in that probably didn’t get an invitation to the party are the Arizona prosecutors who have tried for weeks to serve Rudy Giuliani with notice of his indictment and been unable to do so.

He is the only one of the numerous people who were indicted in Arizona for an alleged scheme to overturn the 2020 election results that hasn’t been served.

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