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AEW’s Darby Allin Jumping Off Ladder & Breaking Through Glass Was Absolutely Insane

AEW pulled out all the stops for Sting’s retirement match. On Sunday, Sting and his tag teammate Darby Allin faced off against the Young Bucks in Sting’s final match. The match was filled with several stunts by the 64-year-old Sting, but it was Darby Allin who stole the show. The video of Darby

64-Year-Old Wrestler Sting Gets Slammed Through Tables, Thrown Through Glass During Retirement Match At AEW Revolution

64-year-old legendary wrestler Sting went all out in his retirement match. On Sunday night, Sting wrestled his last match despite AEW President Tony Khan pushing for him to stay on for a few more months. Via PWI Insider “Tony (Khan) was actually trying to get me to stay longer, maybe retire at

NFL Could Get Rid Of Surprise Onside Kicks In New Proposed Rule

Think back to Super Bowl XLIV between the Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans Saints. After a first half that saw the Colts take a 10-6 halftime lead, the New Orleans Saints shocked everyone with a surprise onside kick and recovery. That play spurred New Orleans to a huge 2nd half en route to a

Spurs Sensation Victor Wembanyama Makes History With Another Dominant Performance

All of that Victor Wembanyama hype the last few years before he even played a minute in the NBA? Yeah, it was all accurate. The Spurs big man is doing things no one has ever done seemingly every time he takes the floor. Sunday’s win over the Indiana Pacers was no different. The game just comes so

Two-Way Gators Star Dials Back HR Celebration Ever-So-Slightly After Teammate’s Vicious Bat Flip Ejection

Florida outfielder Tyler Shelnut landed an ejection in the Gators‘ most recent matchup with rival Miami. The dismissal came immediately following a fourth-inning home run that put UF up 4-0. Whether or not they believed the ejection to be warranted, Shelnut’s Gator teammates seemed to take note.

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