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Jemele Hill Says Caitlin Clark Wasn’t Snubbed By Being Left Off Olympic Team

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill has shared her thoughts on the Caitlin Clark Olympic team situation.

On Saturday morning, it was reported that Clark would be left off the US Olympic team.

According to Christine Brennan of CBS Sports, people associated with the US Olympic team were afraid to receive backlash from Clark fans if she didn’t get playing time on a stacked team.

Via CBS Sports

“Two other sources, both long-time U.S. basketball veterans with decades of experience in the women’s game, told USA TODAY Sports Friday that concern over how Clark’s millions of fans would react to what would likely be limited playing time on a stacked roster was a factor in the decision making.

If true, that would be an extraordinary admission of the tension that this multi-million-dollar sensation, who signs autographs for dozens of children before and after every game, has caused for the old guard of women’s basketball. The two people spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the matter.”

After Clark was left off the Olympic team, Hill took to social media to argue that the WNBA star wasn’t snubbed.

Hill also doesn’t think that the US Olympic team doesn’t need Clark for marketing purposes.

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