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UFC Fighter Refused To Touch Gloves & Cursed At Opponent, Gets Choked Out Moments Later

UFC’s Ricky Turcios was not interested in keeping things classy with 19-year-old Raul Rosas Jr. In the first round of their fight, Rosas tried to touch gloves with Turcios, but he refused and instead cursed at his opponent. Ricky Turcios wasn’t feeling a glove touch with Raul Rosas Jr. “F***

Ryan Garcia Arrested After Allegedly Having Meltdown At Fancy Hotel

Boxer Ryan Garcia is apparently going through some issues. Earlier this week, Garcia’s parents called the police because they were worried about their son. The police checked in on Garcia, who has been staying at the Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills, and determined he was okay. A few days

Jemele Hill Says Caitlin Clark Wasn’t Snubbed By Being Left Off Olympic Team

Former ESPN host Jemele Hill has shared her thoughts on the Caitlin Clark Olympic team situation. On Saturday morning, it was reported that Clark would be left off the US Olympic team. According to Christine Brennan of CBS Sports, people associated with the US Olympic team were afraid to

Gregg Berhalter Is A Scourge On American Soccer And He Needs To Be Sent To Prison

United States Men’s National Team Manager Gregg Behatler is destroying what American soccer fans have been working to build for decades. It’s really that simple. Berhalter “led” the USMNT to a pathetic 5-1 loss to Colombia in a friendly ahead of the upcoming Copa America. Is it just a

Elite Race Walker Loses In All-Time Embarrassing Fashion After Sticking Tongue Out WAY Too Early

Laura Garcia-Caro missed out on a bronze medal in the most embarrassing fashion during the women’s 29-kilometer race walk at the European Athletics Championship. She got passed after celebrating early. Her reaction is both heartbreaking and hilarious! Race walking, for those who don’t know, is more

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