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Cameron Brink Learned To Love Being Tall After A Doctor Completely Misjudged Her Height As A Kid

Cameron Brink Height

WNBA rookie Cameron Brink was once told that she would not be any taller than 5-foot-10 and it made her cry. She is listed on the Los Angeles Sparks’ roster at a height of 6-foot-4 today.

The 22-year-old has grown a lot since that prediction, both physically and emotionally!

Brink recently joined Podcast P with Paul George after her first game in the W to discuss a variety of different topics, including a hilarious impression of Kawhi Leonard’s laugh.

Naturally, height was also one of them.

George asked Brink to clarify a story that has circled online over the past few years, which led to a much larger conversation about her size.

Cameron Brink loves being tall!

By Brink’s account, the annual checkup in question took place around the age of eight. A doctor told her brother, Cy, that he was going to grow to be around 6-foot-10. That doctor then looked at his younger sister with a different prediction; that she would only grow to about one foot shorter.

I was like, “no way!”

My dad’s 6’8, my mom’s 6’3… there’s no way I’m gonna be 5’10. So I started crying. I got upset. I looked at my mom and was like, “there’s no way that’s right.”

— Cameron Brink

Sure enough, the doctor was indeed wrong!

So then [fast forward] and I’m like 6’4 going into my freshman year of college.

— Cameron Brink

Although Brink wanted to be as tall as the rest of her family as a child, that started to change when she got older. She struggled to embrace her height during her younger years.

You know, as a girl it’s weird […]

Then you hate being tall as a girl ’cause all the guys make fun of you and stuff.

— Cameron Brink

As time went on, Brink learned to love who she is and especially how tall she is.

Now I love being tall!

Not so much, like middle school or high school — especially as a girl, that time sucks for everybody. Those times I was kind of slouching and definitely wasn’t proud of it.

But now, I love it.

— Cameron Brink

There are a lot of perks that come with being 6-foot-4, in addition to the whole professional basketball thing. Brink appreciates concerts a lot more because she can see over everybody. Going out is fun, even though people today recognize her more than ever because she “stands out like a sore thumb.”

Some might call it “model height.” However, Brink has actually been told that she is too tall to model.

That did not stop her from modeling for SKIMS as part of its new partnership with the WNBA. Nor does it stop her from wearing heels out in public or on draft night, where she stole the show!

You can watch Cameron Brink’s full conversation on Paul George’s podcast here:

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