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Kirby Smart Knew About Jaden Rashada’s Bombshell Lawsuit Against Florida Before Billy Napier

Billy Napier Lawsuit Jaden Rashada

University of Florida head football coach Billy Napier is fully confident that he did not do anything wrong while during the recruitment of Jaden Rashada. A lawsuit filed by the former four-star quarterback prospect alleges otherwise.

It claims that Napier was intentionally negligent in making false promises of substantial NIL money.

Although this saga has been ongoing since January 2023, the legal complaint was made public last Tuesday. It was filed in a federal court and shook up the entire college football work. The Gators’ head coach, one of his former assistants and a booster are listed as the defendants.

Napier did not know that the lawsuit was coming down the pipe. He found out at the same time as everybody else. The breaking news was also breaking news to him.

Litigation is currently ongoing so Napier cannot say much. However, the 44-year-old did not admit any remorse or guilt during his first comments on the matter.

Rashada’s lawsuit claims that Napier knowingly committed fraud. He allegedly made multiple financial promises to the quarterback and his family without the ability to follow through on those promises. They totaled no less than $13 million.

In addition, Napier supposedly texted Rashada to promise him a bonus of $1 million if he signed with Florida on National Signing Day. That assurance would have been in direct violation of NCAA rules.

There is a very long way to go in this process.

Rashada, who recently transferred to Georgia, received Kirby Smart’s blessing before filing suit. The head coach of the Bulldogs knew that his SEC counterpart was going to be sued by one of his current players before Napier knew that he was going to be sued by one of his former players.

That is a wild concept. The new era of collegiate athletics is consistently chaotic and Jaden Rashada’s lawsuit against Billy Napier and other important players at Florida is not the exception!

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