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College Softball Game Devolves Into Mayhem As Raging Tempers Lead To Ejections Amid Meltdown

College Softball Cal Louisiana Lafayette

It took eight innings to declare a winner during Sunday’s college softball game between Cal-Berkeley and Louisiana-Lafayette. The early-season, cross-conference contest likely would have concluded without an extra inning of play if not for a wild sequence that resulted in absolute mayhem.

A truly bonkers series of events led to multiple ejections during the bottom of the 7th.

Let’s break it down!

Cal traveled south to Louisiana to begin the year. The Golden Bears won their season-opener at McNeese State before competing in the 38th annual Louisiana Classics tournament in Lafayette over the weekend.

They dominated Chattanooga before dropping a game to the host on Friday, and bounced back with a second win over Chattanooga and a win over New Mexico on Saturday. That led to Sunday — when they got a second shot at the No. 21-ranked Ragin’ Cajuns and led the game 1-0 through the first 19 outs.

This is where we pick things up in the heated college softball matchup!

Cal held a 1-0 lead in the bottom half of the final inning. UL had a runner on second with one out. The count was 1-0.

In that moment, the skies opened up. It started pouring.

The visitors from Northern California wanted the umpires to issue a weather delay. They knew it was soon to pass and did not do so. Play on!

As a result of the torrential rain, Golden Bears freshman pitcher Randi Roelling threw a wild pitch that allowed the Ragin’ Cajuns runner to reach third. Cal coaches pleaded for a delay. They did not get one.

Roelling stepped back into the circle and threw another wild pitch, which allowed the runner to come home. Her run scored tied the game at 1.

Cal was furious.

An assistant coach stormed onto the field to yell at both the umpiring crew and the opposing dugout. She had to be restrained by one of her players and was ejected.

In that same moment, catcher Lagi Quiroga’s choice words did not go over well with the home plate umpire. She too was thrown out of the game.

Meanwhile, sophomore Ryann Orange started to charge toward the Ragin’ Cajuns dugout. Her teammates got to her before the umpire issued a third ejection. Barely!

The whole thing was crazy and the vast majority of Cal’s team was on the field at one point. However, the Golden Bears got the last laugh with a 2-1 win!

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