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Cubs’ No. 1 Prospect Bat Flips Huge Dinger After Manager’s Ejection For Screaming In Ump’s Face

Pete Crow-Armstrong

The Chicago Cubs made the surprising decision to demote top-ranked prospect Pete Crow-Armstrong to the AAA-level earlier this week. He made a loud statement to the organization, and MiLB!

MLB veteran Wily Peralta threw at his head on back-to-back pitches, which resulted in an ejection and a dinger during a chaotic sequence on Friday.

Crow-Armstrong, 22, stepped into the box with one out in the bottom of the fourth inning. The Iowa Cubs led by a score of 3-0 at the tie. It quickly became 4-0 after a solo bomb on the heels of an intense exchange!

Peralta, who has pitched in more than 250 Major League games over his 18-year career, was on the bump to face Crow-Armstrong. His first offering went behind the batter’s legs. His second went over his head.

That did not go over well with Iowa Cubs manager Marty Pevey, who stormed out of the dugout in rage. He proceeded to get right up in the umpire’s face and gave him a piece of his mind in defense of Crow-Armstrong. The umpire immediately threw him out of the game. Both teams were hit with a warning.

Crow-Armstrong dug back in for the 2-0 pitch and sent it sailing at least two million feet over the fence in right field. It was poetic justice!

To celebrate the massive moonshot, Crow-Armstrong flipped his bat into orbit.

You simply cannot write it any better than that! Baseball is often a fickle, petty game and this specific series of events is the perfect example.

The decision to send Pete Crow-Armstrong back down was one that left many Chicago fans puzzled. He has since hit three home runs in four games back with Iowa. He homered, doubled three times and knocked in five runs on Friday. The Cubs may not want to keep him down for long!

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