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Matt Barnes Calls Out Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever Teammates For Not Protecting Her

Life has been rough thus far for rookie superstar Caitlin Clark in the WNBA.

Not only is Clark struggling to find her game, she’s also getting physically beaten up seemingly every night.

Indiana Fever coach Christie Sides already made her feelings known to league officials. But NBA veteran Matt Barnes says that Clark’s teammates need to take responsibility and defend the rookie.

Matt Barnes Destroys Caitlin Clark’s Indiana Fever Teammates

“Throughout the season, she’s been getting beat up,” Barnes said in an Instagram video. “Hard screen. Elbows. Knocked down. It is what it is. She’s not the first. She won’t be the last. My issue is and my question is ‘where the f— are her teammates at? Where y’all at? Where are the rest of the Indiana Fever at?’

“I’ve seen a couple girls smirk when she’s got knocked down. Half a– to pick her up. Like, y’all supposed to protect the asset. Protect the star. And although this is a team, she’s the star. You always protect your star.”

Sure, Clark hasn’t played like a star in the WNBA. And people may not like that she’s gotten star treatment already. But if Indiana, which had the worst record in the WNBA last year, is going to succeed, it’s going to need Clark.

So Barnes makes a good point. Where are her teammates?

“You guys are supposed to be a family,” he continued. “And you wonder why you sit at the bottom of the league right now. It’s because y’all don’t protect each other, man. Coach don’t s— about it. Players don’t do s— about it. Y’all should be ashamed of it.

“But the rest of the league is going to continue to test her. And that’s what they’re supposed to do. It’s your guys’ f—— job to have her back and have each other’s back. Got to do better ladies.”



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