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High School Student Manhandled By Grown Man After Buzzer-Beater Is How NOT To Stop Court Storms

Philadelphia Catholic League Basketball Court Storm

Absolute pandemonium played out in the Philadelphia Catholic League boy’s high school basketball championship at the Palestra in Philadelphia on Tuesday night. Unfortunately, an incredible scene quickly turned ugly as a full-grown man got way too aggressive with a student while trying to prevent him from rushing onto the floor after the final buzzer.

It was the perfect example of how not to handle a court storm after a weekend that sparked significant dialogue around the celebratory tradition.

Men’s basketball star Kyle Filipowski claimed to get injured as Wake Forest students stormed the court after a win over Duke, even though he was pretty much fine by Tuesday morning. Head coach Jon Scheyer called for a ban immediately after the game. Jay Bilas wildly suggested that anyone who storms the court should be arrested.

Neither suggestion provided a legitimate solution on how to keep players safe. They would also eliminate one of the most fun parts of sports all together. Storming the court is fun and it always makes for amazing visuals.

An attempt to ban court-storming led to an inappropriate high school basketball incident.

Roman Catholic High School defeated Archbishop Ryan in overtime. The Raiders took a one-point lead on a three-pointer with 8.7 seconds left. The Cahillites chose not to take their final timeout and were ultimately very glad that they did not!

Senior guard Kabe Goss pushed the ball up the court and proceeded to knock down an ice-cold jumper as time expired for the win. Roman Catholic won their second-straight PCL title in epic fashion.

Half of the Palestra went bonkers while the other half had the air sucked from their sails in real-time.

As could be expected, the Cahillite student section tried to join in on the celebration. They stormed onto the court from behind the baseline.

Security was not having it.

Unfortunately, in trying to shut down the storm, one of the administrators got way too aggressive with one of the students. He grabbed him by his shirt and forcibly pushed him off of the court while screaming right in his face.

High School Basketball Court Storm

A different man wearing a credential even tried to step in to stop his counterpart from manhandling the student. His efforts were unsuccessful. The man continued on his rampage.

And it all went down right in front of the camera!

The extremely inappropriate incident can be seen at the 30-second-mark in the video below:

That can’t be something that goes unpunished. No matter how angry the man might have been, there is no situation in which an administrator should be that hostile toward a student.

Hopefully, Roman Catholic will take the proper steps to ensure that this does not happen again. The man involved with the altercation needs to be held accountable. A punishment is not only warranted, but expected.

This is what happens when you try to ban court-storming all together. That is simply unacceptable.

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