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Model Reacts To ‘Hot Ones’ Host Breaking Up With Her By Hanging Out With Johnny Sins

We have some fallout from the Sean Evans-Melissa Stratton situation.

Evans, who hosts the popular Youtube show ‘Hot Ones,’ was apparently not happy that people found out he was dating an adult film star and suddenly decided to cut ties with Stratton as soon as their relationship became public knowledge.


Sources close to Melissa tell TMZ … Sean called her up on Valentine’s Day and broke up with her, telling her he wanted to call it quits because of the media attention they were getting. We’re told Sean expressed to Melissa he wanted to keep his love life more under wraps.

Our sources say Melissa found Sean’s reasoning odd for a few reasons … he knew what she did for a living when they started seeing each other and he invited her to multiple public events in Las Vegas leading up to the Super Bowl, and took photos with her.

Stratton reacted to the news of her breakup by filming an Instagram video with adult film star Johnny Sins with the caption, “It’s ok I’ve got a better bald man to get spicy with @mosttalentedbaldman.”

Stratton is clearly putting on a brave face because the day before, she seemed pretty bummed out about getting dumped on Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully, Johnny Sins can comfort her.

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