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Arianny Celeste Retired From Being A UFC Ring Girl Because She Wants To Be ‘Respected’, Launching New Show

Arianny Celeste is opening up about her future with the UFC now that she’s stepped down from being a ring girl.

In December, Brittney Palmer retired from the ring girl life, and Celeste decided that her time was up as well.

During a press conference earlier this year, UFC CEO Dana White confirmed that the two famous ring girls had retired to pursue other ventures.

“Her (Palmer) and Arianny both, they’ve both done their last walk, I guess you would call it. We loved having them here and yeah it’s all good.”


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Celeste recently spoke with MMA Junkie radio and said that she decided to retire because she didn’t think she could be a ring card girl forever and still be “respected.”

Via MMA Junkie

“I think there comes a time where you’re just like, ‘OK, I’ve been doing this for, man, like 18 years almost, 20 years. So what’s next? What can I do within the company that’s going to make me valuable, but also catapult me to where I’m a little bit more respected in the community, maybe? Yes, it’s cute to walk around in a bikini, but can I do that forever and still be respected? I’m not sure. It’s a hard question for me because obviously I like to keep it classy and sexy, but there just comes a time where you’ve got to move on, I think.”

She went on to reveal that she has a new travel show with the UFC that is very similar to Brooke Burke’s travel show “Wild On.”

“I’ve always seen myself on TV. I’ve always told people that Brooke Burke is my idol and I thought there is a missing piece within the UFC”

“You know, we’re almost like a traveling circus. We have people who have been in this company for years and years, and we travel together. We, we go to restaurants together. We are searching for the best food the best nightclubs – stuff like that. So why not show the lifestyle outside of just fighting, because we’re so much more.”

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