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Here Are 3 Unique Laptop Sleeves You Can Get For Under $100 Each

Laptop Sleeves Under $100

Whether you use a laptop for work or not, we all know how vital it is to have our device on or near us at all times.

Laptop sleeves are one of the simplest ways to protect your laptop when carrying it around. They’re sleek and simple (compared to a clunky backpack or briefcase) and they protect our computers from the elements.

They’re also stylish—if you choose the right one.

3 Laptops Sleeves For Under $100

Laptop Sleeves Under $100

Use a laptop sleeve to transport your “window to the world” to the coffee shop. Keep one nearby your desk at work for impromptu meetings. Once you get a laptop sleeve you’ll realize just how many times you can use to protect your most valuable electronic.

We brought together 3 laptop sleeves that we think check all the boxes. Each one is made with premium materials and is under $100.

Handmade Genuine Leather Laptop Sleeve Case

Laptop Sleeves Under $100

Hand cut and hand sewn with full-grain leather, this laptop sleeve has a simple heritage look. The leather is thick, so you won’t have to worry about accidental drops from bumps in the car or on the train.

You can also opt to personalize the leather sleeve by adding engraved initials or text.

Shop Laptop sleeves via Etsy

Wild Hemp Laptop Case Sleeve with Front Pocket

Laptop Sleeves Under $100

Made in Nepal, this handmade laptop case uses the same wild-grown hemp that’s been used by the local Nepalese peoples for decades. There’s a main pocket where your laptop goes, and the smaller front pocket on the front is made to store laptop chargers, notes, pens, and any other goods.

Our favorite feature is Tibetan sheeps’ wool used on the inside of the main pocket to give natural padding and protection.

Shop Laptop sleeves via Etsy

Personalized Leather and Fleece Sleeve Bag for Laptop

Laptop Sleeves Under $100

Made with premium fleece and cowhide leather, this sleeve comes in several different colors and features hardware to securely clip in your computer. The felt material acts as a protective cushion and lightens the overall weight of the case, while the leather strategically provides strength and gives the case some extra style points.

Shop Laptop sleeves via Etsy

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