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NASCAR Star Denny Hamlin Rips Into 23XI Team After More Pit Lane Mishaps

NASCAR star Denny Hamlin has never been one to hold back when he feels something needs to be said.

That includes when it comes to matters involving the team he co-owns with Michael Jordan, 23XI Racing.

After 23XI driver Tyler Reddick narrowly missed out on a victory in Las Vegas following a pit lane mishap, Hamlin laid into his team for what he feels are repeated mistakes.

Denny Hamlin Hits Out At 23XI Pit Crews After Tyler Reddick Comments

“This is the new team blues,” Hamlin said on his Actions Detrimental podcast. “…Anybody that’s really, really good, they’re under long contracts. These teams lock these guys up for years and years. So you’ve got nobody. So you gotta find talent within the field somewhere that’s got experience. Or you try to get some young guys that are very inexperienced.

“…It f—— sucks. It’s keeping the 23XI guys out of victory lane. No question about it, there was at least two or three victories that Tyler should have had last year that he didn’t get an opportunity to because we messed up for him on pit road.”

Those comments came after Reddick expressed similar frustrations following his second-place finish.

“Just stupid mistakes on pit road. Same s—, different year, right,” he said in a post-race interview.

Reddick’s teammate, Bubba Wallace, finished the race several laps down after he also had issues on pit road. Wallace was running on the lead lap for much of the race. But when he pitted late in the race, the team was unable to change one of his tires do a lug nut that was stuck on a wheel. The team eventually had to cut the lug nut off entirely in order to make the change.

Wallace entered the race in the top five in the NASCAR Cup Series point standings.

Should 23XI continue to struggle, it’s hard to imagine Hamlin will wait long before making significant changes.

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