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JJ Watt Kicked Out Of Hotel Gym In Las Vegas Ahead Of Super Bowl LVIII

Even after his retirement from the league following last season, JJ Watt remains one of the NFL’s biggest personalities. And, he’s making waves, as he went public with the fact that he was kicked out of the hotel gym at the Encore Resort in Las Vegas ahead of Super Bowl LVIII.

Like basically everyone that matters in the NFL world, JJ Watt has made the trek to Las Vegas ahead of this weekend’s San Francisco 49ers-Kansas City Chiefs game for the Lombardi Trophy.

But, he’s got to be one of the very few that has been kicked out of a hotel gym.

To his defense, this does seem pretty ridiculous by The Encore. Take a listen.

Alright, I need some opinions here. I gotta know if I’m in the wrong. So yesterday, near the end of the day, want to get a workout in. 6:30pm, Go down to the hotel gym, put my air pods in. Get the workout going, get a nice lather. About 30 minutes in somebody comes in taps me on the shoulder. Take the Airpod out, “Yes What’s up?” He said said “I’m sorry sir. We’re closed,” I said, “what’s closed? The gym? The gyms closed?” I said, “seven o’clock. What do you mean the gyms closed?” “Yeah, we close at seven o’clock I’m sorry. You got to get out.”

Seven o’clock. What hotel gym closes at seven o’clock? What’s gonna get stolen in hotel gym? Is somebody going to walk out with a Woodway? Are we going to have 45 pound plates headed out the door? maybe nine? Midnight? But I mean, majority of hotel gyms are 24 hours. Just go in there. Use the gym. Clean up after yourself. Get out. I mean, seven o’clock. Am I wrong? am I crazy? Because I walked out of that gym with a sweat going. Just kind of like ‘maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m the idiot here.’ But I feel like that is a little early to be closing down your hotel gym.

Yeah, JJ Watt is absolutely right here. 7PM is entirely too early to be closing a hotel gym in a city that is famously a late-night city. People are just waking up at 7PM in Las Vegas. How can you close the gym? Completely crazy.

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