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Confusion Engulfs Remote Broadcast Team As Clock Issue Wipes Out Apparent Half-Court Buzzer Beater

A basketball goes through the net.
A basketball goes through the net.

A Sun Belt Conference tournament matchup between Old Dominion and Texas State underwent a scene of total confusion at the end of the second half. An apparent buzzer beater on a half-court shot appeared to end the college basketball game, at least to those watching along on the broadcast.

After a second look from officials, however, that incredible basket would not be. Instead of leaving with a 77-74 postseason win, Old Dominion had to try to overcome the flood of emotion and prepare for an overtime session.

We’ll kick off the action with under 10 seconds remaining in regulation.

The Monarchs grabbed a loose ball off from a Bobcat miss and proceeded to move the ball quickly up the floor for a game-winning attempt. The clock on the broadcast ticker read 7.6 seconds when Old Dominion began pushing towards midcourt.

With about five seconds showing on the scorebug, the ODU player then heaved a prayer from half-court which was answered as a buzzer sounded.

Chaos ensued.

“There will be time put on the clock,” the broadcast team said after the make, believing the scorebug time to be correct. ” He shot it with about six seconds.”

It was not, however, and the fact that the crew was working remotely made the scene all the more confusing.

Upon an official review, the call was overturned. It turns out the reason the Old Dominion player took that shot with six ticks left was because the ticker wasn’t synced up with the in-game clock.

As it turns out, the shot came off the shooter’s hand just after the buzzer sounded, wiping the three points off the scoreboard and sending the game into overtime!

The Monarchs would be unable to overcome the letdown, eventually falling 92-83 in overtime to be eliminated from the Sun Belt Conference tournament.


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