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Former NFL Corner And Accused Fraudster Buster Skrine On The Lam From Canadian Authorities

Buster Skrine
Buster Skrine

Buster Skrine is almost certainly a name that even the most diehard NFL fans likely haven’t thought about in a while. But, the former cornerback is back in the news, this time for all the wrong reasons.

Last summer,  Skrine was charged in Canada with bank fraud. Prosecutors allege that he stole $100,000 from multiple Canadian banks in a check fraud scheme.

According to Canadian authorities, Buster Skrine was given bail in the province of Saskatchewan on April 12, and given an ankle monitor and a return court date of May 6.

But, Buster Skrine never showed up for his court date on May 6! And, authorities claim that there is no longer a connection with his GPS monitor. It seems pretty clear here that he’s gone on the run from authorities.

Obviously, going on the run from authorities is never a good idea. But, it seems especially dumb in Canada. I guess he could try to board a plane and fly to a country without an extradition treaty with Canada. But, it seems like it would be tough to do that, since he likely just has an American passport and visa and that comes with extra scrutiny. Granted, he could have bought forged paperwork off the black market. Who knows, I guess.

If his plan is to flee to the USA, it probably won’t work. The USA and Canada work together all the time to capture fugitives and bring criminals to justice. And, that’s the only land border that Canada shares. It’s not like it’s Western Europe where there are a handful of countries to flee to. He’s either taken a plane overseas, hiding in Canada, or crossing the border back to the USA.

It seems likely he will be caught at some point, and now his punishment will be so much worse!

Skrine played eleven years from 2011-2021 in the NFL for the Browns, Jets, Bears, 49ers and Titans. For his career, he finished with 590 tackles and ten interceptions.

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