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Caleb Williams Shows Great Maturity While Embracing New Leadership Role With Chicago Bears

Caleb Williams Leader Leadership

Caleb Williams officially began his NFL career as a member of the Chicago Bears at Rookie Minicamp on Friday. The No. 1 overall pick and former Heisman Trophy winner is not rushing into his new role as the franchise quarterback.

To be a leader, he must first be a follower.

Williams arrived to practice wearing his new No.

18 jersey with a big smile on his face. The weight of an entire fanbase is on his shoulders and he is set up for success with a loaded offense around him so expectations are even hire than normal.

Bears fans were ecstatic to see their new signal-caller throwing darts to No. 9 overall draft pick Rome Odunze. (You know it’s peak offseason when a selectively-edited clip of players playing catch without pads is the talk of the entire league.)

Shortly after the day wrapped, Williams spoke to the media after practice for the first time. Vibes were high.

However, the 22-year-old quarterback was more reserved than usual. That was on purpose and it was true throughout the entire day. He is taking a back seat on purpose.

Williams explained that his job right now is to absorb as much information as he can and use it to grow.

To be a great leader, you gotta learn how to follow first. Right now, I’m following all the vets. I’m following all the coaches. I’m listening, having both ears open and my mouth shut. When I learn everything, when I learn the ways of how we do it with the culture, then you can start taking the lead. Then you can start taking the helm of all of it and taking next steps.

For right now though, I’m listening more than I’m speaking and talking.

— Caleb Williams

It is a very mature approach to his role!

Williams is a natural-born leader. By all accounts, when he talks, his teammates listen. He commands attention and has always been someone who takes an authoritative role. Especially as QB1.

In this instance, though, Caleb Williams understands that he is not the guy— yet. This is his first rodeo. Taking the time to sit back, listen, and learn from the veteran teammates who have done this before will serve him well in the long run. There is no need to rush into something for which he is not ready— yet.

The leadership role as a quarterback, which is necessary, will come down the road!

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