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Titans Owner Dodges Media And Most Important Question After Mike Vrabel Ouster In Puff Piece

Amy Adams Strunk Titans Owner Vrabel Fired

Tennessee Titans controlling owner Amy Adams Strunk made the decision to fire Mike Vrabel as head coach on Tuesday morning. She refused to answer to the media.

Rather than addressing local reporters, Adams chose to speak only with Mike Keith. Keith serves as the Vice President of Broadcasting and “voice of the Titans.

” He’s great, but he’s employed by the team.

To make it even more strange, the interview was likely pre-edited. There were a few jump cuts.

Now, to Keith’s credit, he did a good job asking the questions for which fans want answers. But for Adams to keep her response to a massive shakeup in the NFL within the organization is weak.

It was especially soft after her written statement immediately following the ouster alluded to a rumored riff between Vrabel and Titans general manager Ran Carthon. She said that ownership wanted an “aligned and collaborative team.”

Hmmm…… You can draw your own conclusions.

During her conversation with Keith, a few hours after the firing, Adams Strunk said that the decision was not made at any specific point in time. It was “just kind of been all season watching.”

In regard to the possibility of trading Vrabel, Adams Strunk said that she wanted to move now because the team was unwilling to move to the back of the line. That’s actually fair!

However, Adams Strunk was then unable to answer the most important question:

Who will have control of the 53-man roster? To be determined. Adams Strunk is willing to make that clear at the end of the process, but cannot do so now. Why?

If that is the reason that Vrabel was fired — or so it appears — that should be known. That decision should have been made before cutting him loose. Or, at the very least, before being asked that question.

All of this goes to say that Adams Strunk’s interview with Keith was a puff piece. She didn’t respond to the most important inquiry and chose to punt. It was all positive. It was all done behind-the-scenes.

Adams Strunk chose to fire Mike Vrabel. She should be forced to answer to her decision on a public level!

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