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Dana White Clowned On For Claiming His ‘Power Slap’ League Is More Popular On Social Media Than Real Madrid And ‘Every Sports Team’

dana white speaking at power slap event
dana white speaking at power slap event

Dana White, following the playbook of the political personality he holds so dear, recently tossed out a “fact” about the Power Slap league that actually has zero basis in reality.

While appearing on comedian Andrew Schulz’s podcast, Dana White made the claim that the Power Slap League has “more followers than every professional sport and every professional sports team.

When Schulz pushed back on White’s claims and asked “Even more than Real Madrid and these soccer teams?” White stood firm: “I would say yes!” White was also apparently reading off a fact sheet while speaking to Schulz.

As pointed out by the top reply to the viral video on Twitter, finding a single sports league on Twitter with fewer followers than Power Slap is actually a difficult challenge, with the tweet showing that leagues such as the WNBA and G-League, and Turkish soccer club Fenerbache, have more followers on Twitter than Power Slap.

Sports fans also pointed out that the Triple-A team the Buffalo Bisons and the Australian rugby union team the Highlanders have more Twitter followers than Power Slap. The replies are full of obscure sports teams with more followers than Power Slap, in fact.

To be fair to White, Power Slap (4 million) does have more followers than the WNBA and G-League on Instagram, but is nowhere near the level of Real Madrid, who are one of the most-followed accounts in the world with over 161 million followers. They don’t even have as many Instagram followers as West Ham United, a midtable club in the Premier League.

They do have a healthy 4.6 million followers on TikTok. For comparison, though, the NFL has over 30 million followers on Instagram and over 14 million on TikTok, further disproving White’s claim that Power Slap has more followers than “every sports league.”

Another viral reply to the clip of White joked that “whoever is giving Dana [White] these numbers deserves a raise.”

“I just want to know where he’s getting the statistics and data to support this,” said another reply.

Power Slap was launched by White and the UFC in 2023. However, the premiere was delayed a week after White was caught on video slapping his wife at a New Year’s Eve party.

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