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Road Trip Diary #2: A Westward Adventure With The Ninja Frostvault™ Cooler and Ninja Blast™ Portable Blender


Road Trip Diary #2
Road Trip Diary #2

You know that itch you can’t scratch until you hit the open road? The one that promises freedom, adventure, and way too much beef jerky?

Yeah, that one. As a natural-born road dog, I live for that one.

Welcome back to another diary entry from the BroBible x Ninja Kitchen Road Trip.

We last ended things in Denver with a cooler throne fit for a king, built from the brand new Ninja FrostVault Cooler, now available in 50-quart and 30-quart sizes.


This time, I’m back in Denver with a mission: Snag my favorite spicy wing sauce in Denver, keep it ice-cold all the way to LA using my Ninja FrostVault Cooler, and make the ultimate chicken wings back at home on my Woodfire XL Grill and Smoker, both of which are available to purchase via the BroBible x Ninja Kitchen Road Trip portal. All while tattooing my cooler with rad stickers along the way.

On the day I pull out of town, I acquire a jar of said wing sauce and throw it on my Ninja FrostVault cooler, now filled to the gills with ice for the drive through the Rockies.

Westward, over the Rocky Mountains

First stop: Buena Vista, Colorado. This charming mountain town, nestled at 7,965 feet along the Arkansas River, was highly recommended by my brother and Colorado friends. They weren’t kidding. It’s stunning. Highway 285 took us from Denver through Antero Junction, where views of Mount Yale, Mount Columbia, Mount Harvard, and Mount Princeton knocked the wind out of me with their scenic beauty (…or maybe it was the lack of oxygen at a high elevation?). It was the perfect spot to enjoy a sandwich I stashed in the drawer of my Ninja FrostVault Cooler before pressing on.


Next, over the Monarch Pass to the jaw-dropping Black Canyon at Gunnison National Park via US Highway 50. This remote drive through mountains along the Gunnison River, past Blue Basin Reservoir, was like stepping into a postcard. The jagged, steep canyon seemed almost otherworldly, especially under a clear night sky. I’ve always spotted Black Canyon at Gunnison from 35,000 feet on the flight map while flying coast to coast. It piqued my curiosity. What the heck was that place just south of the Elk Mountains in remote Colorado countryside? Now, finally standing on its edge vs. looking at it on a seatback map, it was even more breathtaking than I imagined. Just check out this sunset:

After a night in Montrose, Colorado, I hit US Highway 550 south towards Ouray, Colorado. Known as the Million Dollar Highway, this route connects the historic mining towns of Ouray (population: 925) with Silverton (population: 713). The drive through the San Juan Mountains was breathtakingly remote and rugged—white-knuckle driving rewarded by stunning views and snowy peaks on a perfect spring day.


In Durango that night, I soaked in hot springs on a blissful Sunday evening and cooked elk burgers on my Ninja Woodfire XL Grill and Smoker. The next day, Mesa Verde National Park’s cliff dwellings called to me, followed by key photos at Four Corners, before entering the painted desert of Mexican Hat, Utah—a perfect spot for reflection amid Monument Valley’s sweeping vistas.

Run, Brandon, Run…. with the Ninja Blast Portable blender!

Morning in Mexican Hat meant reheating sweet potato fries in my Ninja Woodfire XL Grill’s air basket and taking my Jeep Grand Cherokee off-road to blending smoothies under the desert sun near Valley of the Gods. Monument Valley’s iconic landscapes were inspiring and majestic; about as “middle of nowhere” as it gets, making it truly one of the most remote and desolate places you can experience.

Before I high-tailed it to Flagstaff for the night, I grabbed my Ninja Blast Portable Blender to recreate a legendary movie scene on Highway 163.


Desert Detours: From Monument Valley to Vegas

I was running short on time and ready to get to Vegas for a little vacation PTO, so I skipped the Grand Canyon this time around. After a great night in Flagstaff, I zigzagged through the northern Arizona mountains to Kingman via historic Route 66. A brief stop at Hoover Dam included walking the vertigo-inducing Patrick Tillman Bridge with its spectacular views before checking into my Vegas hotel for some poolside relaxation.

But first, before that hot drive across the Mojave, a little refreshing smoothie in the heat of the desert…

One mission remained: bringing my favorite wing sauce from Denver back to L.A., kept cold by my Ninja FrostVault Cooler. After a couple days kicking it by the pool in Vegas with my Ninja Thristi Water bottle (which, awesomely, holds carbonated beverages like your favorite seltzer), I hit the road again with a scenic sandwich stop near the Seven Magic Mountains art installation.

From there, it was back to a drive down the I-15 back to LA. Finally home, I fired up my Ninja Woodfire XL Grill and Smoker the next day to make smoked wings slathered in that precious sauce I picked up in Denver—wings that knocked socks off, thanks to Ninja’s reliable gear.

They came out perfect.

**Chefs kiss** to me.

Stay tuned for part three of our adventure as we hit the road again—this time to Austin, Texas for brisket-making and BBQ overload, this time with my parents joining the ride.

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