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Aaron Rodgers Accused Of Timing VP News With Free Agency So He Could Steal Attention, Put Pressure On Jets

aaron rodgers playing golf in a usa flag hat
aaron rodgers playing golf in a usa flag hat

On Tuesday, March 12, just one day after the NFL’s free agency period began on Monday, March 11, news broke that independent Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was considering Aaron Rodgers as a potential running mate.

Rodgers, a 40-year-old part-time quarterback and full-time conspiracy theorist (his latest revolving around the Atlantis-like secret civilization of “Tartaria”), has yet to address the reports about potentially being RFK’s running mate publicly.

Still, despite the silence on Rodgers’ end, NFL fans seem to know why this news came when it did, which can be traced to a personality trait that the sports world has recognized in Rodgers in recent years: he cannot resist and actively craves attention.

“Aaron Rodgers showed restraint, waiting until the second day of free agency to leak that he might be running for vice president when the Jets aren’t adding talent. Progress! Growth!” read one

with over 150,000 views.

The fact that Rodgers is reportedly considering going down the rabbit hole with RFK Jr. is certainly ironic considering he told Pat McAfee earlier this year that the Jets need to get everything that doesn’t have to do with football “out of the building.”

“Anything that doesn’t have anything to do with winning needs to be assessed,” Rodgers told McAfee in January.

“Anything in this building that we’re doing, individually or collectively, that has nothing to do with real winning needs to be assessed. Everything we do has to have a purpose to it… the bulls— that has nothing to do with winning has to get out of the building.”

Rodgers, who was traded to the New York Jets in April 2023, has yet to complete a single game for the moribund organization since they handed him the keys to the franchise, as he famously tore his Achilles just four plays into the 2023 campaign. One Packers fan even predicted this exact thing happening as soon as the trade went down.

Since Rodgers’ arrival in New York, according to a report from The Athletic‘s Dianna Russini, the Jets’ culture — underlined by “excuse-making, a paranoid head coach, an ill-equipped offensive coordinator and an organizational tunnel vision on the quarterback that rubbed some teammates wrong” — has become “awful, a mess, and really bad.”

Rodgers could also be pulling this move to put some pressure on the Jets to make some moves in the free agency market, especially considering that much of their fanbase has been concerned by the lack of offensive line additions so far.

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