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New York Jets Refuse To Cut Zach Wilson While Also Declining Multiple Trade Offers For QB3

Zach Wilson Jets

New York Jets owner Woody Johnson declared on Monday that his organization is not going to cut Zach Wilson. The former No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft will be on the team in 2024.


Should the Jets receive an offer for Wilson that is of interest, they will accept. That has yet to happen.

According to Mike Florio, multiple teams have extended an offer for the 24-year-old quarterback. None of them have been suitable. New York has not liked the offers they have been presented.

As a result, Wilson remains on the roster as the likely QB3. Aaron Rodgers is the starter. Tyrod Taylor was signed during the offseason to be his backup.

Even though there isn’t room for Wilson, the Jets are not going to let him go without getting something in return. Johnson made it abundantly clear at the annual NFL league meetings that there is still hope for his career to one day find success. He is a talented athlete.

Johnson’s comments could be entirely untrue. He might have said what he said in an effort to get another team to bite. He might be using this as a negotiating tactic.

However, if the organization has already declined multiple offers, it seems legit.

Wilson is guaranteed $5.5 million in 2024. New York would presumably prefer to trade him and pay his full salary for another team instead of cutting him loose and taking a dead cap hit that would amount to more than twice that number. If another team is not willing to send a suitable compensatory package in return, it is in the Jets’ best interest to pay him as the QB3 for the same cap reasons.

It is unclear as to what teams might have offered what for Zach Wilson thus far. Johnson is believed to be the reason that the deals have been declined!

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