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The Lawyers And PR Teams Hired By Shohei Ohtani Have Represented Some Reprehensible High-Profile People

shohei ohtani coverd by a shadow
shohei ohtani coverd by a shadow

While Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani claims to be innocent amidst the unfolding gambling scandal that surrounds him, every move he makes  — constantly changing stories, not taking questions from the media, past videos that make him look like someone who might enjoy a bet — seems to suggest otherwise.

And his latest major move in the wake of MLB’s biggest gambling scandal since Pete Rose is no different.

According to the Los Angeles Times Ohtani has hired Andrew Brettler, a Hollywood lawyer who has represented Danny Masterson (a convicted rapist), Armie Hammer, and Prince Andrew.

Similarly, Ohtani has hired Matthew Hiltzik to run his public relations. Hiltzik, in New York, has previously worked with Hillary Clinton, Johnny Depp, Alec Baldwin, and Harvey Weinstein (another convicted rapist).

Ohtani’s current story is that his interpreter Issei Mizuhara stole the $4.5 million that was paid off to a bookmaking operation run by Mathew Bowyer, who is currently under investigation, and that Mizuhara’s original account of what happened was a lie.

“The first [story] suggested that there was no link, and that Ohtani had no comment in response to a Times query about the Dodger, Bowyer and the investigation, according to a representative for the ballplayer. Next came the version that Ohtani generously paid off the gambling losses Mizuhara owed to Bowyer, ESPN reported after The Times story was published.”

“Then came the current narrative, made public March 20: Mizuhara stole the money. Ohtani said Mizuhara had invented every other rendition of events. In a meeting at their Seoul hotel, Ohtani said, Mizuhara admitted to him the theft and the deception.” [via The Los Angeles Times]

After reading a prepared statement at a press conference earlier this week, Ohtani did not take any questions from reporters.

Despite the controversy, Ohtani — who signed a 10-year, $700 million with the Dodgers in the offseason — is expected to be in Los Angeles’ starting lineup for their home opener against the St. Louis Cardinals on Thursday, March 28.

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