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CFB Writer Says You’d Be ‘Nuts’ To Take Alabama Job; One Coach Leveraging Opening For Raise?

An Alabama football logo in the endzone at the Rose Bowl.
An Alabama football logo in the endzone at the Rose Bowl.

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is set to retire, reportedly breaking the news to his Crimson Tide team on Wednesday. Now, one question faces the program and its future.

Who will replace the college football legend?

Saban has been dominant over the last two decades, winning seven national titles, six of which came in Tuscaloosa.

Many believe him to be the greatest head coach in the history of the game.

Big shoes to follow, though an early list of candidates has already emerged.

Dan Lanning leads the way with names like Steve Sarkisian, Mike Norvell, and Lane Kiffin also gaining momentum.

One notable writer believes those currently having success should stay put, though. He says you’d have to be “freaking nuts” to try and follow Nick Saban.

That writer is The Athletic’s Stewart Mandel, and he posted the following

on X after hearing of the retirement news.

“My hot take: You’d have to be freaking nuts to take on being the Alabama coach that follows Nick Saban. Stay where you are, win, then take the Alabama job after that guy invariably gets run out after three years for not winning 12 games a year.”

There are two ways to look at the situation.

One – as Mandel does. Will the next coach be able to match the unsustainable expectations set by Saban over the last 17 years? For those making conference title games and College Football Playoff appearances, is the risk worth the reward?

Two – in a positive mindset. Facilities, resources, and fan involvement are at a high, and if able to use that Alabama brand on the recruiting trail while selling a vision of an unchanged future, success is there for the taking.

James Franklin in the mix for the Alabama job?

ESPN’s Pete Thamel dropped his list of potential candidates alongside the buyouts needed to lure them away from their current employers.

Top target Dan Lanning is the most expensive at $20M, followed by Washington’s Kalen DeBoer at $12M.

An interesting name seen on Thamel’s post who hasn’t gotten as much traction as others is Penn State’s James Franklin. In fact, he wasn’t even on Thamel’s original list, which sparked a hilarious online reply from followers.

Franklin leveraging interest for a raise?

Jokes aside, he does have experience in the SEC, leading Vanderbilt to 24 wins over three seasons. He’s also known to be a strong recruiter and has been able to win at every head coaching stop.

Whether or not he’ll get a legitimate look remains to be seen.

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