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Eagles Star AJ Brown Takes Aim At Philly Media After Bombshell Report About 2023 Season

Philadelphia Eagles superstar wide receiver AJ Brown found himself in the media a lot during the 2023 NFL season.

First, it was due to Brown’s incredible play during the Eagles’ 10-1 start to the season. Then, it was due to his reported rift with head coach Nick Sirianni as Philly’s season came crashing down in the second half.

Now, after a report detailing why things came apart for Philly, Brown is taking aim at the those same media members.

“Philly media is so lame. It’s literally something everyday. Then the fans be believe (sp) the bs. They really should start raising the prices of microphones and cameras because you people will say anything for views. I see why nobody likes us because we don’t even like us. #RealityTV,” Brown tweeted in the early hours of Thursday morning.

That tweet came in response to a

from Philly media veteran Derrick Gunn.

According to sources: Jalen big contract-pulled in numerous directions on/off field put him under a lot of pressure he didn’t handle well,” Gunn wrote. “Big Dom suspended-controls Sirianni emotions on sideline, in his absence, Nick gets in numerous arguments with players/coaches during games.”

Big Dom, of course, is the Eagles security member who was suspended following an altercation with San Francisco 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw.

According to Gunn, he also served at Sirianni’s personal sideline therapist.

Could that be what kept Sirianni and Brown from seeing eye-to-eye down the stretch? It’s certainly possible.

Gunn has served on the Eagles’ beat in multiple capacities for over two decades. So if he’s reporting something, it probably has at least some legs.

Although Brown doesn’t seem to think so.

Big Dom is expected to return to the sidelines in 2024. Either the Eagles turn it around and Gunn’s report looks to be on point. Or they don’t and Brown will face even more scrutiny.

Either way, it’s not a great look for the team, its head coach, or its star wideout.

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