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Nate Oats Wanted To Take Kentucky Job Until Alabama Boosters Stepped Up With NIL Money

Nate Oats Alabama NIL

Nate Oats will not be the next head basketball coach at Kentucky. The 49-year-old is not leaving Alabama.

Crimson Tide boosters stepped up in a big way!

Oats was one of the most-discussed names as soon as John Calipari chose to leave Lexington for Fayetteville. It was thought that the Wildcats would target him as the successor.

He was on the shortlist of names, near the top of those who were considered legitimate options to say yes.

We do not know if any legitimate discussions took place. We do not know if Kentucky actually wanted Oats.

However, we do know that Oats wanted Kentucky. The 2021 SEC Coach of the Year had legitimate interest in what is considered one of the best jobs in college basketball. It was a real possibility that he would leave if offered — until it wasn’t!

Nate Oats is not going anywhere.

He shut down all of the rumors on Monday night.

According to multiple reports, Alabama’s financial backers made a big push to keep him in Tuscaloosa. Oats signed a new six-year contract worth $7.55 million per year in the middle of March so the donors’ efforts were not related to his salary. His contract was not altered at all.

Rather, Oats has a good thing going and the boosters made a promise to keep the momentum rolling. Yea Alabama, the school’s official NIL entity, is getting a bump.

Name, Image and Likeness is absolutely crucial in the modern era of college athletics. Money goes hand-in-hand with recruiting (it always has), and the transfer portal adds another element to the equation.

The Crimson Tide has been very active in the portal during Oats’ tenure. Star guard Mark Sears transferred to Alabama after two years at Ohio. Grant Nelson transferred from North Dakota State. Aaron Estrada transferred from Hofstra after stops at Oregon and St. Peter’s.

Nelson recently hinted at a desire to return to Alabama if the NBA does not work out and his comments alluded to NIL demands. It sounds like Oats will have enough money to keep him around if he chooses to do so!

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