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MLB Games Could Be Coming To New Streaming Service In Near Future



While more games are available than ever before, it’s seemingly never been more complicated to keep track of where your favorite Major League Baseball team is streaming their game on a given night. And, it might get a bit more complicated.

Apple TV already has the rights to some Major League Baseball games. Now, another outlet in Roku is set to stream MLB games.

Here’s The Athletic with more.

Major League Baseball and Roku are in advanced talks to make the service the new home for Sunday morning baseball this season, sources briefed on the discussions confirmed to The Athletic on Thursday.

The games were previously on NBC’s subscription streaming service Peacock. Peacock has been interested in retaining the “MLB Sunday Leadoff” package of nearly 20 games. It paid $30 million per season, but was only willing to renew for about a third of that price, according to executives briefed on the discussions.

MLB and Roku do not yet have a signed agreement, leaving the possibility that talks could still break down. MLB declined to comment.
NBC lowballed Major League Baseball pretty significantly, it seems. Now, they may lose those games to Roku.
I won’t lie, though. When I think of Roku, I think of using other streaming apps on my Rokus. I don’t necessarily think of streaming things on the Roku channel on the Roku device.
I think that’s going to confuse people. Most people are like me in that they use Roku as a host of sorts for their other streaming services. I can’t imagine a ton of people are consuming Roku official content.

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