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Olivia Dunne’s Sister Vlogs How Many Beers She Can Put Away At LSU’s First Meet

Olivia Dunne Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party
Olivia Dunne Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue release party

In case you missed it, Olivia Dunne and the LSU gymnastics team won their first meet on Friday.

The Tigers squeaked by the Ohio State Buckeyes gymnastics team by a score of 196.975 to 196.775. Livvy ended up scoring a 9.85 and a 9.90 on the floor exercise, second best on the squad in that discipline.

That’s right. Ohio State had to wear an “L” after losing by just 0.2 points. Now they know how it feels to play fantasy football.

Someone who did not miss the LSU Tigers’ first gymnastics meet of the season was Livvy’s sister Julz Dunne.

As anyone who has followed the siblings on TikTok knows, Julz has the far more entertaining account (@forgottensiblings).

Case in point: Julz “Livvy’s Sister” Dunne (that’s the name she uses on TikTok) vlogged herself at Olivia’s meet.

Not only that, she did it by capturing how many beers she could put away before the team could finish the meet.

“If I close my eyes I’ll feel like I’m doing flips too,” Julz wrote in the video’s description, and she wasn’t exaggerating.

“Because my psychotic mother likes to get to the meet an hour and a half early, I’m gonna vlog how many beers I can finish before the meet’s over,” Julz Dunne begins the video on TikTok.

As the video progresses, it appears that it isn’t going to end well for Julz as she had already on her fourth beer of the night before Olivia and the LSU Tigers had even begun the competition.

Interestingly, Julz somehow only ended up drinking five beers though. However, she did continue to drink after the meet by going to celebrate the Tigers win at a bar with a mojito.

@forgottensiblings @Olivia Dunne ♬ Everybody – Nicki Minaj

We really shouldn’t be surprised by the beer count though. Julz had already foreshadowed the five beers she would be drinking a few weeks before the first meet even took place.

@forgottensiblings @Olivia Dunne ♬ Meow – Dust☆

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