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Jason Kelce Could Cost Robert Griffin III His ‘Monday Night Countdown’ Job

Jason Kelce
Jason Kelce

It was pretty obvious Jason Kelce wouldn’t have much trouble pivoting to a career in broadcasting after he decided to retire from the NFL, and it sounds like he could be coming for the job of another NFL player if ESPN is able to land the talents of the former Eagle.

Jason Kelce didn’t even bother to wait until he hung up his cleats to dip his toes in the media waters, as he and his brother Travis have found plenty of success in that realm since launching the New Heights podcast toward the start of the season in 2022.

The man who spent 13 years with the Philadelphia Eagles and is destined for the Pro Football Hall of Fame didn’t really have to prove he possessed the knowledge needed to work as an NFL analyst, and anyone who remembers his legendary speech at the Super Bowl parade in 2018 was already very aware he had the requisite charisma.

With that said, the podcast only firmed up those bonafides, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to learn ESPN, NBC, CBS, and Amazon Prime were all interested in acquiring his talents when he officially announced his retirement earlier this month.

It’s unclear how that battle will pan out, but according to The Athletic, ESPN is “aggressively” targeting Kelce as it continues to tinker with the line-up of personalities who helm Monday Night Countdown.

The outlet reports Scott Van Pelt, Marcus Spears, and Ryan Clark are slated to keep their jobs behind the desk on the Monday Night Football pregame show next season, but it sounds like Robert Griffin III could be kicked to the curb if ESPN is able to outfox the competition in the quest to land Kelce.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how the chips ultimately fall.

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