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Tickets For Caitlin Clark’s WNBA Home Debut Are Much, Much Cheaper Than You’d Think

Fair or not, Caitlin Clark has been thrust into the spotlight as the woman who is going to carry the WNBA into a new era.

As it turns out, we may need to pump the brakes on that a little bit.

Clark is undeniably a big draw, but ticket prices for her home debut with the Indiana Fever suggest that maybe she’s not quite the draw that some believed.

Former ESPN stooge turned general stooge Darren Rovell reports that the get-in ticket price for Clark’s home debut at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis is just $16. SeatGeek lists tickets for as low as $7!

That includes fees.

The wildly low number is a stark contrast to the extremely expensive tickets for Clark’s last Big Ten game against Ohio State.

Caitlin Clark Ticket Prices Appear To Be More Market-Based Than Clark-Based

But there may be a catch.

The cheapest ticket for Clark’s league debut on Tuesday night was $99 before fees. That took place in the 9,323-seat Mohegan Sun Arena. Gainbridge Fieldhouse seats nearly double that at 17,274.

And it’s not just Clark that sets the market in Indianapolis.

Pacers fans could get into their final playoff game against the Milwaukee Bucks for as low as $18. While Knicks fans could have saved money by flying to Indianapolis for Game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals rather than buying tickets to Games 1 or 2 at Madison Square Garden.

Likewise, tickets for Clark’s third career game, which comes against the New York Liberty at the Barclays Center at Brooklyn, begin at $94.

So it appears the ticket prices might be more of an Indianapolis thing than a Caitlin Clark thing. Regardless, it’s a concerning number for a league in the midst of a negotiation a new TV deal

And it leads you to believe the WNBA is probably waiting patiently for the day Clark can leave for a bigger market.

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