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Houston Texans Drop New Alternative Helmet Logo And Get Immediate Blowback

A Houston Texans logo on a player's helmet.
A Houston Texans logo on a player's helmet.

The Houston Texans dropped a new alternative logo on Thursday, and it was met with immediate criticism. The design represented a major shift from the bull typically seen on the headgear of team members.

Instead, an “H” took its place, though the lettering might not have been as sleek as the franchise had hoped.

To no one’s surprise, followers posted their opinions on social media.


leaked around noon ET, with a video showing a helmet being unpackaged in what would seem to be a team warehouse. The sneak peek showed a navy-colored base with the “H” in a slightly lighter shade of blue and outlined in red.

The organization played into the leak, with Houston’s social media team posting a follow-up reply to let Texans fans know about the new drip.

Unfortunately, the redesign wasn’t met with the reaction the team had hoped.

Many blasted the lettering, saying that it looked like something you’d see in a gimmick football league.

“Is that a UFL helmet?”

“What in the XFL?”

“High school helmet.”

“It looks like something you’d make for your new Madden franchise.”

Others believed the “H” too closely resembled the Tennessee Titans “T.”

The franchises already share the fact that both have been located in Houston at one point or another. Texans fans want to further differentiate, not fall back to another similarity.

I think the Titans have a case for lawsuit.”

Luckily, these appear to be just an alternative design, and not a permanent logo change. Still, there might be some tweaking needed to be done before the season starts.

We’ll see if the franchise listens to the feedback.

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