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Filmmaker Believes Bigfoot Leaves Dead Carcasses As ‘Warnings’ After Speaking To Witnesses

bigfoot illustration
bigfoot illustration

Documentary filmmaker Kelley Lockman believes Bigfoot leaves the carcasses of animals it has killed as “warnings” following the unexplained deaths of a deer and a buzzard in North Carolina.

Lockman made this unusual claim in a recently shared portion of a Bigfoot investigation documentary he has been filming titles I Believe in Bigfoot.

“My name is Kelly Lockman and two years ago I began working on a documentary film about Bigfoot,” he says in a teaser video for the film.

“In the process my life has taken an unexpected turn. The things that I’ve seen experienced and documented have changed me forever.

I don’t know that I’ll ever put my camera down on this subject, but I do know it’s time to start telling some of these stories.”

In the video, he shows a blurred image of a dead buzzard and a dead deer whose necks had been snapped and twisted, yet there appeared to be no blood whatsoever near the animals.

“I think this one was a warning to us. There was no blood. I have recorded witness testimony describing a very similar scene. It may be that they just drink the blood,” Lockman said in the Bigfoot sub-Reddit where he posted his documentary teaser.

Chapter one of Lockman’s I Believe in Bigfoot documentary was released on April 22nd.

In it, Kelley Lockman speaks to a couple named Steven and Carolyn Allen who thinks Bigfoot killed her dogs because their necks were also snapped.

She also claimed that the pen she kept the dogs in was “not damaged at all.”

“I don’t know how something would have got in there because it was a tall pen,” she said. “I’d say at least a 8-foot fence.”

“Because every time Larry would build a fence it was at least 7-8-foot tall,” Steven added. “I mean he built many of them and that was built before I ever came around, but he built many after that and they were always a real tall fence.”

Lockman had earlier shown them a picture of the deer with its neck twisted and asked them if the dogs looked the same.

“Pretty much yeah,” Carolyn replied. “It’s like, it had maybe broke their necks there was no blood or nothing, but it’s hard to describe. I mean, they they were looking backwards over their back.”

She also described a “puncture wound” leading them to believe that Bigfoot had sucked the blood out of the dogs.

“They were drained. It didn’t make a mess, it just killed them and left them,” she said. “We never heard them scream, we never heard them bark, we just woke up and they were gone.”

Can’t wait for chapter two.

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