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Roger Goodell Denies Scripting Taylor Swift-Chiefs Super Bowl Storyline For Ratings

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell denies scripting the whole Taylor Swift Super Bowl storyline.

Goodell faced the media for the first time on Monday night during Super Bowl week and was asked plenty of questions about Swift.

Goodell was even asked if the NFL scripted Swift’s relationship with Travis Kelce as a ratings ploy, and he vehemently denied having any involvement regarding the Swift Super Bowl storyline this season, .

“I don’t think I’m that good a scripter, or anybody on our staff, there’s no way I could have scripted that one or anybody in our office, but she is a remarkable performer, she knows great entertainment, I had the opportunity to go two of her concerts with our girls and my wife, she’s the best of the best, so having her come to NFL games have her be a part of that is nothing but a positive”

An annoyed Goodell would later say it was “nonsense” that anyone could think that the NFL would script Swift’s appearance at games.

“The idea that this was in a script or this was preplanned, it’s nonsense, it’s frankly not even worth talking about, we see two people who are really happy together, I think that’s wonderful…They both are involved in football in some fashion through their relationship, and that’s great.”

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