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Top 50 Prospect Spurns BYU After 2-Yr Mission To Follow Mark Pope To Kentucky As 20yo Freshman

BYU coach Mark Pope reacts on the sidelines.
BYU coach Mark Pope reacts on the sidelines.

Collin Chandler has asked out of his NLI with BYU following the departure of head coach Mark Pope. The former four-star prospect was initially a part of the 2022 recruiting class, but a two-year religious mission has kept him from making his basketball debut.

As it turns out, that first start won’t come in Provo. Instead, Chandler intends to follow his coach to Kentucky where he’ll compete as a 20-year-old freshman.

Mission trips are nothing new at BYU. The heavy focus on religion is always put first, which often leads to the scenario seen with Chandler. And why we many times see 23- and 24-year-old seniors suiting up for Cougar athletic teams.

Heck, the school’s beliefs even played a role in the basketball’s squad’s NCAA Tournament with a “No Sunday Competition” rule influencing seeding.

But often, when players return from their religious ventures, they stick around with the program.

That won’t be the case for Collin Chandler!

Rated a top 40 prospect in his initial recruiting cycle, he was a headliner in the BYU ’22 class. Now, he becomes Mark Pope’s first big get at Kentucky.

“The journey of chasing dreams is beautiful,” he posted on. “Chasing my dreams and aspirations in the game of basketball has always brought me so much joy and fulfillment. The game means the world to me.

“I am grateful for Cougar Nation in taking me in as family from day 1 and supporting me in a precious time of my life… I am especially grateful for Coach Pope and the mentorship and trust he has given me from the very beginning…

“After talking with my family and many prayers, this vision has become clearer than ever. I am humbled to get the opportunity to continue this journey at the University of Kentucky! Go Wildcats!!!”

Collin Chandler should provide immediate help for Kentucky.

Not only will he bring a sense of maturity despite that freshman tag, but he’ll help replace a few losses seen since John Calipari’s departure to Arkansas. The Wildcats have already watched one former player transfer out of the program to follow his coach to Fayetteville, while a five-star recruit recently asked out of his NLI.

Categorized as a three-level scoring threat, Chandler could lessen the blow of some of those losses while providing an offensive spark in the 2024-25 season.

The loss is big for BYU as Chandler was once the top high school player in the state of Utah. For Kentucky, though, the guard offers a piece to build around as Mark Pope lays his foundation in Lexington.

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