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Comedian Says Tom Brady Was Genuinely Mad At Jeff Ross Over Robert Kraft Joke That Was Supposed To Be Off-Limits

Jeff Ross at the roast of Tom Brady
Jeff Ross at the roast of Tom Brady

Tom Brady was a pretty good sport about most of the jokes that were cracked during the Netflix roast held in his honor. However, there was a notable exception in the form of one Jeff Ross cracked at Robert Kraft’s expense, which apparently violated a rule that was put in place prior to the gathering.

Tom Brady had to know what he signed up for when he agreed to get roasted by the comedians, athletes, and celebrities who didn’t pull any punches over the course of the three-hour event that was held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Sunday, and anyone who was worried the people who got the chance to step up the dais were going to pull punches had those fears assuaged as soon as it kicked off.

You can’t really throw a roast without inviting “Roastmaster General” Jeff Ross to do his thing, and the legendary ball-breaker appeared to strike a nerve when he cracked a joke referencing the Robert Kraft massage scandal before Brady got out of his seat and delivered a very clear message: “Don’t say that s— again.”

It seemed like Brady was genuinely pissed off by the joke, although there were plenty of skeptics who thought it was a manufactured moment designed to produce headlines like “TOM BRADY CONFRONT JEFF ROSS FOR CROSSING THE LINE AT HIS ROAST!!!”

However, based on what comedian and roast participant Andrew Schulz shared on a recent episode of the Flagrant podcast, Brady’s reaction was likely authentic.

Here’s what he had to say (the segment in question kicks off around the 11:30 mark):

“I think that was 100% real. The reason why I think it’s real is because they told us no jokes about happy endings with Robert Kraft.

I had a Bob Kraft tag. I had that joke about Randy Moss. I was like ‘Randy Moss, you made sure on Super Bowl Sundays the only people celebrating a happy ending were the priests,’ and the tag was, ‘And of course Bob Kraft.’

They were like, ‘Tom asked us not to do anything with the massage s—,’ and I was like, Alright, cool.'”

We already knew jokes about Brady’s kids were off-limits, and while that rule was honored, it sounds like the same can’t be said about the one concerning Kraft.

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