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Bubba Wallace Shares Video Of Ugly Fan Encounter At NASCAR All-Star Race

The NASCAR Cup Series returned to legendary North Wilkesboro Speedway for the first time in a quarter century last year for what should have been a special edition of the NASCAR All-Star Race.

Sadly, the event was marred by a post-race incident involving a racist radio message to driver Bubba Wallace, the lone black driver in the series.

One year later, it appears that things haven’t gotten any better.

Wallace finished second in the All-Star Open, which qualified him for the night’s main event. Prior to the main-event, drivers and their teams are introduced one by one to the crowd.

Not only was Wallace showered with loud boos, but he shared

on social media that showed a vitriolic crowd yelling at him as he went up to greet fans in the front row.

Thankfully, not everyone was on the same page. One woman can be heard telling Wallace that she’s his biggest fan. While a man farther down the line screams ‘f— these sons of b——, let’s go Bubba!”

But a NASCAR employee can also be seen telling Wallace “you’re going into the stands, but there’s cops” before his walk out.

Bubba Wallace Faced Racist Fans At 2023 NASCAR All-Star Race

Last season, a fan could be heard telling Wallace “go back to where you came from you a******,” and “You’re not wanted in NASCAR” while tuned to his team’s radio frequency.

Wallace spoke openly about the abuse he’s faced during a podcast appearance last month.

“The people that matter, they know what’s right and what’s wrong. I think that’s helped me out a lot. just from the mental side of it,” Wallace said. “And then showing up to the race track and being more comfortable. I definitely lost touch with who I was for the last couple of years and chasing the wrong thing. You know now that you’ve kind of gotten back to being on the right track, things are starting to click.”

Wallace currently sits 16th in the series points standings. He’s looking to make the NASCAR Cup Series playoffs for the second consecutive year after reaching the round of 12 a year ago.

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