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Fans Slam Michigan Players For Writing Caitlin Clark Notes Prior To Breaking Record

Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark made history on Thursday night when she broke the all-time NCAA Division I women’s basketball scoring record previously held by Kelsey Plum.

Clark entered the contest needing just eight points to pass Plum. She wasted no time, scoring the first eight points of the contest for Iowa and breaking the record in impressive fashion with a pull-up 3-point from well beyond the arc.

Clark went on to score a career-high 49 points in a 106-89 victory over the Michigan Wolverines. But it’s what happened after that has fans up in arms.

ESPN’s Holly Rowe

that Michigan players wrote Clark a note commending her on the record, according to Iowa coach Lisa Bluder.

Fans Slam Michigan Wolverines For Notes To Caitlin Clark

Rowe praised the “class” of the Wolverines players. But not everybody saw it that way. Many believed it showed that the Wolverines conceded that Clark would set the record before the game even happened. Including WNBA champion and former three-time All-American Lexie Brown.

Brown was far from alone.

Bring back being a real hater because me personally I’m not doing that,” one fan said.

Writing your opponent a note before she breaks the all-time scoring record against you? Wack. I mean, you might as well forfeit the game before it’s played while you’re at it,” said another.

This was a common theme.

That’s some nerd stuff I’m sorry,” someone wrote.

“Athletes today are different. Huge accomplishment by CC. But the competitor in me wouldn’t allow me to sit down & write a damn letter/nice remark . She broke history AGAINST yall, what are we doing? Lol,” another tweet read.

It’s also hard to imagine Clark, who is as competitive as they come, would’ve wanted a note from an opponent.

In fact, she didn’t even want the Hawkeyes to call a timeout and stop the game when she broke the record.

Maybe save the notes next time. Or at least make them a text message.

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