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Computer-Generated Influencers Are Making More Money Than Our Humanfluencers

— Businessweek (@BW) October 30, 2020

Virtual influencers are making real money while #Covid19 locks down human stars, reports @ThuyOng. More via @business: https://t.co/RVrmK5pQfT pic.twitter.com/vO7pHIexeq

— Bloomberg QuickTake (@QuickTake) October 30, 2020

I mean sure. Why the hell not? Makes sense. We’ve already thrown in the towel as a species. The robots are coming and we’re just paving the roads for ’em. Here you go, guys! Here are the keys to the kingdom. Might as well get you started with an Instagram account that will pay you tens of thousands of… whatever currency you things trade? Batteries? Electricity? I’m going to be killed early in the transition.

Isn’t it amazing that as the days wear on, the more the Disney film Wall-E feels prophetic? Their projection is coming more into focus every day. I watched that movie and didn’t think much of it. I wasn’t scared; I actually thought the fatties rolling around on that cruise ship in space had it pretty good. If I learned anything from The Social Dilemma it’s that when you’re not aware that AI is making decisions for you, you don’t worry too much about it.

Thus, I’ll happily throw one of these computer-generated influencers a follow. Let’s see…

Here she is, boldly showing us her face without makeup. What a brave young, uhm, page of code?

Here she is hiking. Gotta say, that trenchcoat is a bold choice for altitude:

You better believe she likes to read!

You’ll forgive me for not having the exact numbers she’s raking in for sponsored posts. I’ve hit my monthly limit of Bloomberg articles, which I think is like 1 or 2… But with over 300k followers, my guess is they’re paying her at least $15k/post. Just a handful of those per year and Imma’s got the rent covered.

We’re doomed.


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