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Patrick Mahomes Dodged Cleat-Chasers With Travis Kelce In Las Vegas While Brittany Hit Beach

Taylor Swift Travis Kelce Brittany Patrick Mahomes Las Vegas

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce partied in Las Vegas on Saturday night while Brittany hit the beach in Mexico and Taylor Swift finished out her four-night stop in Sydney, Australia. The former two stayed loyal to their significant others while dodging club rats at the Wynn. It was a valiant effort!

Kansas City’s superstar tight end/quarterback duo joined a group of their teammates back in the city in which they won their second-straight Super Bowl earlier this month. Kelce flew back from Swift’s Eras Tour to turn up with the boys. Mahomes left the kids at home while both he and his wife were away.

Vibes were at an all-time high while the Chiefs boogied down with Marshmello at the XS nightclub on The Strip. Bottles were popped. Bass was bumping. ‘Love Story’ was blaring.

Travis Kelce even grabbed the mic to lead the crowd in ‘Fight For Your Right’ before he and his teammates sprayed them with bubbly and sang ‘We Are The Champions.’ Nowhere else in Vegas was on the same level.

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift had the entire city of Sydney in the palm of her hand.

@georgieemily96 Sydneys vocals have been warmed up! #erastour #erastourtaylorswift #erastoursydney #sydney @Taylor Swift ♬ original sound – Georgie Emily

Elsewhere internationally, Brittany Mahomes was celebrating her friend’s bachelorette party on the beach in Mexico. Even though Brittany and Taylor were in other countries, Pat Mahomes and Travis Kelce kept it a buck!

A video from the club shows a group of girls try to slide in for a dance. Neither future Pro Football Hall of Famer wanted anything to do with them! Kelce turned his back. Mahomes got up out of there.

Very few quarterbacks in the NFL have the pocket awareness of the three-time Super Bowl MVP. Apparently it also translates to his vision off of the field. Mahomes was one step ahead of the women who tried to get between him and his boys! Kelce eventually got there too, but it definitely took him a second to realize what was going on.

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