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Patrick Mahomes & Travis Kelce Attend Party After Parade Shooting, Leads To Heated Internet Debate

Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have found themselves at the center of an intense Internet debate following a tragic scene in Kansas City.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Chiefs Super Bowl parade came to an abrupt end when shots were fired into the crowd, leading to one death and nearly two dozen injured.

After the parade ended, both Mahomes and Kelce offered their condolences to those affected by the shooting.

According to a report from TMZ, Mahomes, Kelce, and other Chiefs players continued to party at a local restaurant/bar that had been rented out after the team’s Super Bowl win.


Travis Kelce was only playing follow-the-leader when he walked into a restaurant to keep on celebrating after the Kansas City shooting — ’cause we’ve now learned Patrick Mahomes planned the whole thing, and was there as well.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell us the get-together at the Granfalloon Restaurant And Bar in K.C. Wednesday evening was actually spearheaded by the Chiefs QB — and, according to our sources, We’re told Pat was the one who rented the place out. Cops were on hand for crowd control. Travis obliged when several cops asked him for selfies.

While we only got pics of Travis rolling into the establishment hours after the shooting … our sources tell us Patrick was also in attendance, as were other Chiefs players.

The Internet debated whether Mahomes and Kelce were in the wrong for attending a party after a mass shooting.

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