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Andy Reid And Travis Kelce Explain Sideline Altercation During Super Bowl LVIII

The Kansas City Chiefs just captured their third Super Bowl title in five years. The vibes around the franchise have to be incredibly high, as we are truly witnessing a dynasty.

But, that was not the case early in the game, as the Chiefs offense was stagnant. Superstar tight end Travis Kelce had his frustrations bubble over, resulting in an altercation with Head Coach Andy Reid.

That definitely did not look good. Travis Kelce was definitely frustrated. He had just one catch for one yard up to that point. The Chiefs had just fumbled in the red zone on a play that Kelce was not in for. The 49ers were dominating the game, and should’ve been up more than the three points they were up at the time.

Things would turn around in a big way for the Kansas City Chiefs. After that slow first half, Kelce exploded for 8 catches and 92 yards after halftime in their dramatic, 25-22 overtime win.

But, the situation still needed to be cleared up after the game, as there were plenty of questions as to what happened during the altercation.

“(Travis Kelce said) just put me in, I’ll score. So, that’s really what it was. I love that. I mean, it’s not the first time, so I appreciate it,”

“He loves to play the game. And he wants to help his team win. I mean, it’s not a selfish thing. That’s not what it is. And I understand that. And so as much as you know, he bumped into me, I get after him, and we understand that you just got me out of balance.”

As for Kelce’s of the story, he said that it was all love between him and Coach Reid.

Later on, he had this to say.

“I’ve the greatest coach this game has ever seen. He’s unbelievable and not only dialing up plays and having everybody prepared, but he’s one of the best leaders of men that I’ve ever seen in my life. He’s helped me a lot with that, with channeling that emotion, channeling that passion. I owe my entire career to that guy and being able to control how emotional I get. I just love him.”

It seems like everything is all good between Andy Reid and Travis Kelce. Winning truly does heal all wounds.

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