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Hoodie Allen Conquers Social Anxiety To Prove He Is Still Relevant On College Campuses In 2024

Hoodie Allen

Hoodie Allen conquered social anxiety to prove that he is still relevant on college campuses in 2024. The 35-year-old rapper and singer was successful in his mission, kind of.

Somebody knows who he is!

If you are reading this article, you are probably familiar with Steven Adam Markowitz. His music was a formative part of the high school and college experience in the early 2010s.

You couldn’t go anywhere without screaming every word to ‘No Interruption’ alongside your homies.

To go even further back, #WhiteGirlProblems was an absolute banger.

Lest we forget James Franco, High Again, Look What We Started, Long Night, So Much Closer and No Interruption! This goes to say that Pep Rally and Leap Year mixtapes and All American EP simply did not miss.

Hoodie Allen dominated aux cords across the country. No party was complete without him!

However, it has been 10 years since his international takeover. His music is not quite as big of a deal, as he recently discovered (he already knew) while wondering around campus at Yale.

Making this video was the most social anxiety I’ve ever had in my life

— Hoodie Allen

Hoodie played his platinum smash hit ‘No Interruption’ for students as they walked by. If they could name the artist, they would get $10.

Most of them failed. Especially the one student who “only knows Jewish songs” — but that doesn’t count. One of them guessed Swae Lee. One of them guessed Kid Laroi.

Fortunately, Hoodie Allen’s efforts were not a total failure.

The lone correct guesser first recognized that it was something Allen. She later got Hoodie!


The 2014 college kids were built different

♬ Buddy – Connor Price & Hoodie Allen

Unfortunately, Hoodie could not include ‘No Interruption’ in his TikTok video because UMG took down songs that the social media platform does not own. He also subtly flexed that his top hit went platinum in real life without a label.

Kids these days don’t know what they are missing. It was the greatest feeling of euphoria when the “oooooOOOOoooooOOOOooooh” started to play at a party in early spring.

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