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Olivia Dunne, Caitlin Clark Top List Of The Most Searched Female Athletes Under 25

olivia dunne espys red carpet
olivia dunne espys red carpet

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne and Iowa basketball star Caitlin Clark are the most searched under-25 female athletes, according to a recent study.

The two women have taken very different routes to gaining their notoriety over the past year.

Dunne, competed very sporadically for the LSU gymnastics team this season due to assorted injuries, used her constant presence on TikTok, Snapchat and Instagram to ramp up her follower count to 11.9 million people on social media.

Clark, on the other hand, added to her following by being arguably the most dominant guard in women’s college basketball history.

During the NCAA tournament, Caitlin averaged 31.8 points, 10 assists and 5.2 rebounds per game during the tournament en route to setting numerous records.

Eye-popping numbers like that boosted her social media presence and moved her NIL ranking up to fourth among all female college and high school athletes.

It is also why, according to Sportsbook Review, Clark trails only Livvy Dunne in being the most searched under-25 female athlete.

According to the study, Dunne generated around 550,000 searches across the United States over the past 12 months.

Clark, in the second spot, produced 368,000 searches, putting her in a dead heat with 19-year-old tennis star Coco Gauff, who has already three WTA singles titles to her credit.

LSU basketball star Angel Reese came in fourth on the list with 246,000 searches, but the search numbers fall off a cliff from there.

Golfer Nelly Korda and soccer star Trinity Rodman were tied for fifth with just 74,000 searches each.

Others making the list were freeskier Eileen Gu and four basketball stars: Paige Bueckers, Sabrina Ionescu, Aliyah Boston, and Haley Cavinder.

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