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Iowa Football Admits To Breaking NCAA Rules After Being Exposed By Five-Star Alabama Transfer

Iowa Football Kadyn Proctor Violation

Kadyn Proctor transferred back home to Iowa after one year at Alabama. The former five-star prospect was the top-rated lineman in the college football recruiting Class of 2023 and started every game for the Crimson Tide last season.

He was a crucial piece to the College Football Playoff run.

However, once Nick Saban retired, Proctor chose to enter the transfer portal and later landed with the Hawkeyes— who heavily recruited him out of high school. The fanbase raised more than $100,000 for its NIL collective overnight to ensure that it could afford him. Their efforts were a success.

Although Proctor had a strong first year on the collegiate level and earned Freshman All-American honors, he suffered through some early-season struggles. There was even some chatter about whether he deserved to stay in the lineup or if Saban should move him to the bench.

Around that time, a coach at Iowa shot him a text.

hang in there, buddy

Proctor accidentally exposed his new coaching staff for the illegal mid-season contact during his first interview in Iowa City. Coaches strictly forbidden from reaching out to a player at a different program in the middle of the year.

As a result of Proctor’s slip, the Hawkeyes are self-reporting a Level III violation for impermissible contract. It is extremely minor in nature. It will likely result in additional training for the staff and nothing more. Not a big deal.

However, there is a chance that the NCAA — which seems to pick and choose its battles without any concrete reasoning — could see the correlation between the text to Proctor and his eventual transfer as tampering. Especially when there is the NIL component involved on the back end.

Considering that Iowa is not as big of a name as a Florida State, Tennessee or Miami, it will probably be left alone. However, there is no way to predict what the NCAA will decide to do or why.

Proctor said the quiet part out loud and caused the Hawkeyes to admit to wrongdoing. Hopefully, for sake of some semblance of consistency within the sport, it will not escalate further!

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