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Nashville Councilman Claims People Threatened His Family For Shutting Down Morgan Wallen’s Bar Sign

Morgan Wallen Bar Sign

Morgan Wallen is a rather controversial figure in Nashville these days. On one end, he is the biggest star in country music in a city that literally calls itself Music City because of country music. On the other end, he is often puts himself in bad situations that reflect poorly on the city as a while.

It is a unique dichotomy for someone who is currently on top of the charts.

Wallen can’t stay out of trouble. Both with the law and with society on a more holistic level.

As a result of his actions, Wallen and the Metro Nashville City Council have beef. The latter does not like the former and is taking out its frustrations through an unnecessary power trip. Their pettiness could (likely will) create a litigious battle that is a giant waste of everybody’s time.

Nashville’s City Council won’t allow Morgan Wallen’s name to be featured on a giant neon sign outside of his new bar on famous Lower Broadway. A 30-3 vote against the proposal shot it down earlier this week. The councilmen and women who voted no said that he “doesn’t belong” in their city.

Wallen immediately mocked the Council by posting a photo from his sold-out concert at Nissan Stadium, home of the Tennessee Titans earlier this spring. They didn’t have a problem with him then. They happily accepted all of the additional revenue that his concert created through tourism.

And now he can’t have a sign on his bar? It’s ridiculous!

Litigation will almost certainly get the petty ruling overturned. A similar thing happened with Kid Rock.

Despite the absurdity of the ‘no’ vote, the reaction has been equally as terrible. Allegedly.

Councilman Jordan Huffman claimed that he received scary death threats in a since-deleted post on X.

It’s one thing to attack me for a vote, but coming for my family is a bridge too far.

In the past 24 hours, we have been threatened in multiple ways. One message indicated that my wife was going to get raped while I was forced to watch. Another posted pictures of the inside of our home. Over a damn sign.

Enough is enough @MorganWallen. This is disgusting.

— @JordanHuffman on X

Huffman is right.

If those things really occurred in the manner in which he claims, that is truly disgusting. Even though the threats presumably came from the fringe psychopaths online, that cannot happen. That is unacceptable.

However, to say “enough is enough” and direct it at Wallen himself is only further proving the targeted agenda behind the initial ‘no’ vote. He didn’t tell anyone to threaten Huffman, nor did he send the threats. He cannot be blamed for the actions of others.

With that being said, to send death threats to a Metro Nashville City Councilman over a vote is far worse than voting no over a grudge. If true, that is disgusting!!

All of this could have been avoided with a simple decision to approve the bar sign…

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