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With ‘Furiosa’, Chris Hemsworth Solidifies His Place Atop The Hollywood Chris Rankings

chris hemsworth as demetus in furiosa
chris hemsworth as demetus in furiosa

Around a decade or so ago, when it occurred to everyone that three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe stars were Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, and Chris Hemsworth — plus Chris Pine as Captain Kirk in the Star Trek reboot movies — the idea of the Hollywood Chrises was born.

While the idea was created in jest it ultimately took on genuine consideration as endless videos and articles debating which one of them is the “best” (which is far too obtuse of a term, anyway) have routinely populated the internet in recent years.

Now that the MCU’s stranglehold on Hollywood is loosening and the Chrises are beginning to age out of their superhero era, the hierarchy of the Hollywood Chrises has been in flux for recent years, with each being able to make a legitimate claim for the top spot.

Following the release of Furiosa, however, that conversation about Hollywood Chrises should be swiftly canceled as Hemsworth’s risen above the rest and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

In Furiosa, Hemsworth — who’s long had an elite fastball (action) and a curve ball (comedy) — adds another pitch to his arsenal as he not only takes on the role of crazed, dystopian yet still oddly charming and not only succeeds but arguably steals the whole show, which is some feat in a film as madcap and unhinged as this one.

In fact, while Austin Butler’s performance in Dune: Part Two was being compared to that of Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, if anyone has put forth a Joker-esque performance worthy of the late Academy Award winner’s memory, it’s Hemsworth.

Even his blockbuster comic book roles are far more layered than the standard fare, as it’s Thor who’s the emotional anchor of Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, two of the biggest movies ever made.

And he’s played *different kinds* of Thor, too — the Shakespearean one in the original two, the lonely, tortured warrior in Infinity War and Endgame, and the goofball in Taika Waititi’s pair of films.  If he gets a chance to play the character in a fifth solo film — which certainly seems likely given his recently stated desire to return and his importance in the MCU at large — he’ll likely bring another new facet of the character to life, too.

Unlike some of his fellow MCU co-stars — What’s Chris Evans been up to since Endgame? Have you seen the reviews for Pine’s directorial debut Poolman? How did Hollywood let Pratt voice both Mario AND Garfield? — Hemsworth has also established his own successful franchise, as his two Extraction movies are two of the biggest in the history of Netflix, with a third film also being in the works at the streaming giant.

Hemsworth’s professional achievements aren’t the only tools that have helpt him build a ladder to the top of Mt. Chris, as his personality seemed to become the most widely beloved, as well.

Whereas Evans feels too distant and movie starry and Pine feels too arthouse-y and Pratt’s religious and political beliefs have made him a controversial figure, Hemsworth — despite his almost otherworldly good looks — has been able to ground himself with audiences. Quite literally, in fact, thanks to his Disney+ series Limitless and his routine Instagram posts of him running barefoot around the Australian outback with his three kids.

A couple years ago, after it was revealed in Limitless that Hemsworth had a gene that makes him more susceptible to Alzheimer’s disease, reports spread indicating that the now 40-year-old Aussie would be taking a break from acting.

Hemsworth, however, recently put those rumors to bed during a profile interview with Entertainment Weeklywhere he seemed like a man who’s raring to go following a year-long break down-under. Just this week, in fact, it was reported he’ll be starring alongside his MCU buddy Mark Ruffaloin a thriller that’s been compared to Heat.

With that, additional Extraction and Thor movies, a knack for comedy, and a recently-expressed desire to dabble in horror, Hemsworth’s got a grip on the Hollywood Chris rankings that’s akin to Thor’s grasp of Mjolnir.

Furiosa hits movie theaters in the United States on Friday, May 24. Check out the official trailer below.

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